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Hello, my dear friends!


I hope you’re all enjoying your summer! Mine has been a bit complicated, but in spite of everything, here I am again ready to tell you about my recent collaboration with Eravos. I’m sure we can all agree that no matter what you wear, diamonds will always make you shine and look chic. That is why one of the best collaborations I’ve done is this last one with Eravos, an online diamond website where you can find best-in-class high-quality diamond jewelry, whether it is for you or someone else.


Diamonds are always Glamourous- Photo @edsmitter

Eravos Golden Dreams Earrings caught my attention immediately

Some of you might have seen me on my IG and other social media, wearing these beautiful diamond and rose gold earrings, which I love.

I chose these because I can wear them in two different styles. The design is very modern, and I would even say quite trendy too. On the other hand, the name “Golden Dreams” got my attention, cause I’ve always felt that we all deserve to dream big and what can be better to have golden dreams?


On the other hand, I’ve worn these “Golden Dreams” earrings from Eravos with different clothing, and they always paired beautifully with whatever outfit I choose. That’s something you can do with any diamond jewelry, especially if they are made with exceptional quality diamonds, like the ones Eravos uses for every single piece of jewelry.



Tiny Diamonds are a “must-have”

Even though I’m very fond of big statement trendy earrings, I do like very much delicate and classic diamonds that can always add that special sparkle that makes us look chic. I love these tiny diamond studs that I can still wear no matter where I go, or what I wear. I tend to wear these Eravos “Solteria” studs to the beach because I love how they shine under the sun with my hair wet and my suntan. These studs are also an excellent choice when I want to wear a big statement necklace or embellished sunglasses.


The truth is that diamonds will always be in style. You can wear black, white or colorful clothes and you will still feel unique, powerful and, chic. No matter the size, but always the quality and purity of the diamonds, and that is why you have it all buying from Eravos.

Size is not that important, but quality is essential

I didn’t know before I started to work with Eravos on this campaign, the enormous size of the online diamond market. I was impressed since I always went to prestigious jewelers with my parents or by myself to buy fine jewelry. It has always been a big deal, but considering how often we splurge online nowadays, it seems natural to be able to purchase fine jewelry at the comfort and privacy of our home.

Nevertheless, regarding diamonds, it is essential to choose from retailers that can guarantee the quality, purity, and origins of the diamonds you’re purchasing. That is why I’m quite confident to buy and recommend you all  Eravos. Each piece of jewelry comes with a third-party certification of top-quality, and purity. You have lifetime repair and re-sizing as well as free shipping.


Do you also wear diamonds? Did you like this post? You know I love to hear your thoughts on what I share with you!




This post has been sponsored by Eravos. All opinions are my own!