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Hi, everyone!

I wanted to publish this post, last Friday, December 1st, but things happen, and I wasn’t able to finish it til tonight.

Maybe some of you are coming to Miami Art week and would like to know some details about what to wear, where to go or where to shop. And this is exactly the purpose of this post, to share with you some insights about where to wear, go or shop. Even if you’re not coming this year, most of the content in this post will be useful if you’re planning on visiting Miami soon. It will be also helpful if you’re coming next February to Art Wynwood or 2018 Art Week.


Me, at Sazingg, where you can buy the most exquisite and unique fine jewelry designs- Photos by Edson Smitter- @edsmitter

There are so many exciting and gorgeous events to attend during Miami Art Week that sometimes we miss the best and go to some that are not exactly what you expected. Thus, I’m putting together a curated selection of my favorite places, exhibitions, boutiques, and pop-ups.

On the other hand, if you’re a first-timer to Miami Art Week, I have some recommendations on what to wear, because you won’t believe how fast time passes on those days and you need to look gorgeous throughout the day and night. You might live your hotel or condo at noon, and you probably won’t come back before 1:00 am.

What to pack and wear for Miami Art week

  • Dress to impress! Seriously! You wouldn’t believe how everyone put together their looks. 100% Instagrammable! Thus, think strategically about what to pack, plan looks that take you from day to night, seamlessly. For example, pair a metallic mesh top like the one I’m wearing in these photos with jeans and sneakers, booties or slides during the day. For the after-party just add a Tuxedo blazer and a unique piece of Sazingg fine jewelry, and you’ll look like a million bucks.


    Asilio Gold Mesh Top from Quiwi House- Sazingg 18K Gold & Diamond Hoop Earrings- Green Sapphire 18KY Gold Ring
  • Wear COMFORTABLE shoes! You won’t believe how your feet will ache if you don’t. You might spend the whole day walking and standing, so your feet might kill you if you’re wearing high heels. Honestly, with so many comfortable & beautiful shoe options available, there are no excuses to go back to your hotel or house just because you can’t think of anything else than your aching feet. Seriously! If you wish to wear high heels, keep them on hand just to change for the night.

Wouldn’t you wear this mesh gold top with a jean jacket during the day? I would

  • Don’t you dare not to bring a couple of blazers, jean and leather jackets. Miami can be quite warm during the day, but it might get cold in the evening, especially the breeze which is always freezing in December.
  • Sunglasses! They’re an essential, not just for photo-shooting! Miami’s light is so bright that you seriously need to filter it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to appreciate all the works of art, street art and everything you need to see with healthy eyes!

Last, but not least, use Uber or Lyft for transportation, otherwise you won’t be able to make it to the fairs, exhibitions or after-parties since you wouldn’t find where to park the damn car!


There are so many places beyond South Beach



Sazingg Snake Diamond & Ruby Rings
Ruby, Black Diamond, White Diamond

I’m still impressed that so many people still come to Miami and only go to South Beach because there is so much more in Miami these days.
Here are my first two recommendations for going shopping in Miami.


A one-of-a-kind fine jewelry, leather goods, and home accents, designed by Venezuelan-born Irene Zingg. Irene grew up surrounded by the exotic Venezuelan fauna and Flora, which undoubtedly influenced her later jewelry design. Her father, Gustavo Zingg was a business entrepreneur and a jewelry collector. Irene moved to Miami in the 80’s and began designing jewelry pieces for herself, a passion that led her to create Sazingg in 1983. I remember Irene since I was a little girl because she was a friend of my elder sisters and I remember her as beautiful as she is today.


Irene Zingg- Isn’t She Beautiful? Photo Courtesy of Sazingg

  • My first Sazingg piece was a moon watch; my Mom gave to me in the eighties, and I treasured it for quite a while until one person working part-time at my mom’s house decided to borrow it forever and I never saw it again. Later, a very dear aunt of mine gave me a mother of pearl and pavé diamond pendant which I still have and wear it frequently. Another Sazingg piece I own and wear a lot is a 18K gold necklace with rose sapphires and pearls tassel. Once you own a Sazingg jewelry piece, you keep it forever. Her designs are so exquisite and original that everyone that see her jewelry immediately falls in love with them.
    Take a look at these magnificent Sazingg jewels I’m wearing in this post photos. All of them are to die for, don’t you agree?

If you’re coming to Miami, her boutique is a must-go!
2212 SW 22nd Avenue, Miami, Fl 33145
If you’re not, you can visit her website:
In either case, don’t forget to mention that you got there because of me!


At Sazingg Boutique wearing Quiwi House Clothing

Key Biscayne is a beautiful location with excellent shopping and eating. It is also a location in which you can move easily, even though there are no art fairs or exhibits, but believe me, you’d also like to move from the crowd.

Quiwi House

  • Founded by the Quintero Wilson sisters, this Key Biscayne Boutique is the place to find gorgeous Australian Designers, like Keepsake and Asilio, Alice McCall, Nicholas and some others. The gold mesh top I’m wearing in these photos is from Quiwi House. On the other hand, they have limited pieces so, it would be unlikely to run into a friend wearing the same outfit.
  • Ask for Mariana, and tell her you’re a friend of mine, she’ll treat you like a queen!

260 Crandon Blvd #40, Key Biscayne, Fl 33149

I recommend you to visit Irene Zingg at her Sazingg boutique in the morning, then head to Key Biscayne to shop at Quiwi House and, enjoy a delicious lunch at one of these restaurants.

I have three great favorite restaurants in Key Biscayne:

  • KEBO– Spanish Cuisine, excellent service, and all the Tapas and main courses are delicious.

200 Crandon Blvd #104, Key Biscayne, Fl 33149

  • Costa Med Bistrot- Where you can also have a great meal. You should ask for Antonio Braschi, the owner, and tell him that you’re my friend. I recommend you to order the escargots, just delicious!
  • Kazumi Modern Japanese– Is one of my Top 2 Japanese restaurants in Miami. My recommendations: The Crispy Crab Salad, the Buddha Roll, the Fried Chanquetes and the Fried Oreos. You can also say that you’re my friend, at Kazumi, both owners are long-time friends.

These two restaurants are located in the same Shopping Center where Quiwi House is, The Square


If I’m writing about Art Week, you might be thinking, what about art recommendations?

Here are two exhibitions outside the fairs you shouldn’t miss

Gonzalo Fuenmayor- “Tropicalypse”- DotFiftyOne Gallery

Gonzalo Fuenmayor is one of my favorite Miami-based Colombian Visual Artist. He’s a master working with charcoal on paper, as you can see in the photo below.

  • Here’s an extract from the Press release DotFiftyOne Gallery kindly shared with me.“In “Tropicalypse” – a playful -yet macabre- word combination of “Tropical” and “Apocalypse”- Fuenmayor presents a challenging new body of work. His recurrent opulent and decadent charcoal drawings have grown dramatically in scale and complexity with two monumental multi-panel charcoal drawings such as “Tropicalypse” and “The Seeds of Decadence.” These massive works portray two seemingly disparatescenarios: While the drawing “Tropicalypse” portrays an imaginary apocalyptic landscape of burning palm trees; a gesture alluding to the palm tree as an archetype of “tropical culture” in America, “The Seeds of Decadence” depicts a lavish and opulent Victorian room with inverted values.”

Gonzalo Fuenmayor- The seeds of decadence (2017) 84 x 157.5 inches. Charcoal on paper- Photo Courtesy of DotFiftyOne Gallery

Pepe Mar at Locust Project

Mexican Artist Pepe Mar work of art is something you have to see and feel. Here’s the link to the exhibition at Locust Projects.

I hope you all like my recommendations, I’ll be posting “Must Visit” in the following days!