“As you love yourself, so shall you love others.
Strange but true, with no exceptions.”
Harry Stack Sullivan

Hi, everyone!

February is here! The month of Love and Friendship! And it is also self-esteem month, so it means we have to show ourselves some love too!
A lot of wonderful and clever people have written about how self-esteem is the key to one’s success. I’m not a psychologist, but from life experience, I can tell you all that you cannot be loved unless you love yourself first. It might seem a cliché, but it’s so true! You know I’m right.

Just picture yourself when something you wanted didn’t come up the way you planned, but instead turned out to be a painful moment in your life. Remember those days when you were heartbroken because you put so much into that relationship and it didn’t work. In this kind of painful situations, I usually manage them doing something good for me. It can be to read a great book, go to a Zumba class, or buy something I really liked. Sounds familiar? I bet! That kind of “me time” moments always bring us joy, because we just did something good or pleasant for ourselves.

Photo Diego Gabaldón

On the other hand, we are bombarded each day with Valentine’s Day gift offers, guides, sales, on our email and social media channels. And it’s okay; I’m also working on them too. It is great to tell your loved ones you care for them and pick something you know they’d love. I just decided that the first of my Valentine’s post should be about on what I’m planning to give to myself first. Why? Because I love myself, and I’ll be happier and feel more generous when picking gifts for others.

So I started to wonder how I would treat myself on Valentine’s.

A new pair of shoes? A new bag?

Then I decided just to go to the mirror and look at my face. Well, well,  I might need some Botox to soften my crows feet. It’s been too long since the last time I did. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I feel happier whenever I do something to improve my complexion.

Thus, I decided to book an appointment at BotoxLABB my favorite Injectables-only Beauty Bar in South Beach. Danielle Smith is not only one of the best Board Certified Aesthetic NP in South Florida, but a true artist with injectables.
Thanks to her my lips look great, and my double-chin is disappearing! Now, for Valentine’s Danielle’s BotoxLABB has an amazing promo, you receive a free area of Botox, (up to 20 units) when you purchase a Syringe of Filler!

If you live in Miami, or nearby you have to visit her and take advantage of this incredible offer.
You better hurry to book online because this offer ends on February 14th, you’ll thank me later!

And I like to point out that this is NOT a sponsored post, I truly believe Danielle is the best and asked her for the promo image.

Here’s the link:

Tell me, what are you planning to give to yourself this Valentine’s Day?

Take a trip? Go to a Spa? Go Shopping?

Love to hear how will you treat yourself!