Pool Lab Show the new European boutique in Coral Gables

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Pool Lab Show is a new European fashion boutique you have to visit

One of the things I like the most is to discover places where I can find great clothes and accessories that are not in everyone’s closet, or…on the streets. Even though I love fashion and trends, I always try to buy great quality clothes that will last and look gorgeous for several years. For ultra-trendy styles, you can always find amazing things at Zara, H&M or Topshop, among others.

Here in Miami, there are several cool boutiques, even though you have to know where to go and be familiar with the neighborhood. My latest discovery is Pool Lab Show, a boutique located in Miracle Mile, Coral Gables that offers the kind of modern, yet timeless clothing one will be eager to invest in. The prices are quite reasonable you can buy several things without breaking the bank, even though this is not a fast-fashion place.

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Pool Lab Show brings to us a great selection of European Designers

The owner and founder Beatriz Carrillo is a charming woman from Seville, Spain, who came to live in Miami and started to miss her favorite Spanish and European fashion brands. She also realized that she could open a boutique conceived as a “fashion lab,” to introduce Spanish and European designer brands currently not available in the US, to see which could become hot for the sophisticated American and Latin American women.

I found the concept pretty cool, because she’s bringing European prestigious brands that are not yet well-known in the US market. On the other hand, Beatriz has impeccable taste and makes a quite beautiful selection of clothes and accessories perfect for the Miami way of life. She has captured the Miami Chic Style!

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I bought this beautiful long dress from Ailanto, which is perfect to wear in Miami now in this hot summer, and in the upcoming months as well. It pairs perfectly with flat sandals and a hat for daytime, and it also works great for going out at night with high heels and the right accessories. The best of this dress is that is very modern, because of the African inspired print, but also its clean cut and line are so classic that I’m sure to wear it for the upcoming years.

Ailanto Dress Photo Diego Gabaldón

Ailanto Dress
Photo Diego Gabaldón

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For those of you who are planning or currently visiting Miami, don’t miss a visit to Pool Lab Show, because you’ll love this gem as much as I do. And for those who live in here and haven’t gone yet, I recommend you to do so, if you like to stand out from the crowd.

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