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Today March 8th is International Women’s Day

March has become Women’s History Month and I’m starting a series of posts about the women who inspire me.  Among them is Leslie Gabaldón, a self-declared “feminist” who, nevertheless, stays away from the 60s concept that rejected all that was sensible and gentle. What’s more, she believes that femininity is an endless source of inspiration for her creative process.

The installation is about the horror of human traffic

Installation: Maria Plana, el Flagelo de la esclavitud en la era global, Bienal de Panamá, 2013

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Leslie Gabaldón As a Venezuelan American visual artist and a modern woman, Leslie’s exquisite work celebrates femininity by portraying present-day realities.

Leslie Gabaldón,  Pipe Yanguas Photography, Miami 2015

She rejects all clichés and labels that try to define the “ideal woman”, which, in spite of multiple efforts and worldwide progress, are still there and impede us from moving forward.

Leslie is not only a joyful wife and mom, but also an extraordinary artist and entrepreneur with a vast culture and top-notch education. This is why she’s a source of inspiration worth sharing with you. Her success teaches us that the world we live in nowadays gives us multiple resources to make our dreams come true. We just have to work hard.

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Her latest work of art, Intertextuality, Tales and Configurations as Ideas of Emancipation, was exhibited at Dot Fifty One Gallery, the studio that represents her work and one of Miami’s most renowned spaces.

Intertextuality, exposición más reciente en Dot Fifty One Gallery, Miami 2015

Intertextuality, exhibition at Dot Fifty One Gallery

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Leslie is also an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Leslie created her Boutique Style Studio for Fine Arts Photography Printing, Wynwood Editions, after an endless search for fidelity between the artist’s conception of the work of art and the printed end result. Wynwood Editions offers fellow artists, whose work is photography-based, not only high quality printing, but also the consultancy needed to bring the work to life exactly as it was created in the artist’s mind.

Furthermore, Wynwood Editions has developed for us art lovers portfolios with 6 signed, limited edition pieces from various renowned modern artists such as: Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Gonzalo Fuenmayor,  Jorge Miño, Gastón Ugalde, Leslie Gabaldón, among others. With these portfolios, art lovers can start great collections with reasonable investments.

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Leslie has been invited to participate in the fundraising exhibit “Arte en Mayo” at the Museo de Arte Moderno Carlos Mérida in Guatemala City. Additionally, the Prestigious Fundación Rozas Botrán gave Leslie an Honorific Mention on her work last December in Miami. Lastly, two photos of her series Ink on Roses were selected by the Foundation and donated by Leslie to benefit COELI, one of the many NGO’s supported by Rozas Botrán that benefits young people with disabilities.

Blue Ink Side,  Series “Ink on Roses”

“The two photos to be exhibited are part of the series “Ink on Roses”, one of my strongest bodies of work. It is very important to me, not only for the prestige of the event among the international art community, but because I’m being able to contribute with a great cause. This reminds me that we don’t need to be wealthy to benefit a good cause and we all can do so in one way or another.

I can spend hours talking with Leslie about a million things: from her latest art or business projects, past experiences or the latest fashion trends. I always leave her studio inspired and willing to experiment new things.